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Promoting Small Business to New Home Owners

Be the first to make a lasting impression when a family moves in ...

Moving to a new area is frustrating, you have no idea where things are or who to call for your daily needs. That is where we come in. We offer anyone new to our targeted ZIP codes a Welcome Basket filled with promotional information about YOUR BUSINESS up front to make finding goods and services much easier and less stressful. Orientation delivered in this manner generates new opportunities that otherwise would have been missed.



Personalized Marketing Makes a Difference

Our community and surrounding area is constantly growing with hundreds of home purchases every month. There are numerous large companies such as Amazon and Kroger who have committed to expand their business in our targeted ZIP codes. There are several municipal and state projects in the works that are designed to expand our population, and therefore our housing market. With this growth comes the potential to grow your business through our personalized marketing strategy. We make it much easier to help families relocate to our region and increase your potential to attract new customers.